MSI with color against melting cables

After the release of the current Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 generation, reports of “melting” connectors and cables began to appear on the web. Now MSI has come up with a simple – but efficient – solution for this.

After Nvidia launched the next generation of RTX graphics cards, the reports from RTX 4090 owners about melted connectors and cables started to pile up.

According to Nvidia, there have been around fifty such incidents worldwide so far. One of the main reasons for this is said to be improperly attached 12VHPWR cables on the PSU. This new high-power connector was specially developed for the RTX 4000 generation.

MSI presented a very simple and inexpensive solution for the whole thing at the Computex trade fair in Taipei:


In the upcoming power supply with the – easy to remember – name “MAG A850GL PCIE5 ATX 3.0”, some of the 12VHPWR connectors were marked in yellow. The cable is only correctly plugged into the power supply unit and graphics card when the yellow color is no longer visible.

The website PCWorld took a look at the new concept at the Computex fair and published a video about it:

The idea behind it is so simple but effective that hopefully other manufacturers will adopt it. Because the color coding not only helps against smoldering plugs but also helps when connecting cables.

What do you think about the easy solution with yellow color? Let us know in the comments section.

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