PVY Z20 Pro: Affordable electric folding bike is now available

The PVY Z20 Pro is a new and affordable e-bike with extensive features and compact dimensions. It is also possible to take luggage with you thanks to the luggage rack; the bike itself can also be transported as luggage.

With the PVY Z20 Pro, a new e-bike is now available. Specifically, the model is offered directly by the manufacturer for a price of 759 euros, and shipping should take place within a few days. The e-bike is available in a white and a gray color variant.

It is a folding bicycle with an electric motor. When folded, the bike only measures 890 x 645 millimeters and is 380 millimeters wide. Tires with a diameter of 20 inches are fitted, which means that in many cases the bike can be taken as luggage on local public transport and therefore free of charge.

The e-bike, which weighs around 22 kilograms, is equipped with a brushless motor in the rear wheel hub, which should have an output of 250 watts. Support should be provided up to a speed of 25 km/h; a pushing aid is available. It can therefore also be used legally in Germany as a registration-free e-bike.

The 374.4 Wh battery is integrated into the frame but can be removed. In the event of a defect, this is just as practical as when using the bike in rented apartments, for example. The range is stated to be up to 80 kilometers, although as usual this information only applies under optimal conditions.

The equipment includes a Shimano gearshift with six gears, which should result in high efficiency even without electrical support. Disc brakes are installed. Mudguards, luggage racks and a smartphone holder are included, as well as a cover and tools. The PVY Z20 Pro should be able to withstand loads of up to 150 kilograms.